Saturday, 30 July 2011

Need a one coat black?

I'm sure you would agree that a good opaque black polish is an absolute must in everyone's collection. I think it's pretty well known for ladies that have access to Wet N Wild nail polish, that their Shine Black Creme is a great one coater for when you layering polish.  For those of us without access to Wet N Wild, we need to make do with whatever brand we can find. 

I was starting to get a bit jack of my staple black polish when I was doing my Ozotic multichrome swatches.  I was using Ulta3 Black Satin, but to get it opaque you have to use two coats.  So what do you do in this situation, you franken it!

I had already purchased a Mica sampler pack from TKB Trading. So I had a baggy of black oxide pigment.  This stuff is great because it is so pigmented.  I added probably about a teaspoon of mica to my bottle of Ulta3 Black Satin, a couple of ballz and shook the bejesus out of it.

Here is a swatch of one coat each of the original Black Satin and my frankened version.  Can you tell which is which? Tee hee.

So now I have a perfect black one coater.  

The other thing I love about this is that it doesn't stain.  I was talking to my mum about this and she was using Ulta3 Midnight as a dark base, but found that it was an absolute beeotch in the staining department.  Even just trying to do clean up she had what looked like blue ink everywhere.  Mum, I think I might just franken you up a bottle too. :)

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