Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Ozotic 619

Howdy doodie everyone.  Hope your having a good day. 

Here is Ozotic 619 which is a darkish coral pink.  It almost looks brownish in some lighting too. It's really cool. Three coats, no base or top coat.  I rate it 8/10 on my holo-a-meter.

I actually came upon this colour rather by accident.  I did an online purchase of some Ozotics from LeBeauty.
I ordered the following Ozotic's from them: 509, 515, 516, 518 and 522, so all 500 series, which as we know are linear holos.  What actually arrived was 600, 601, 609, 617 and 619 all 600 series, which are large particle holos.  The main problem was that they didn't contact me to tell me they were shipping something different, but instead just sent them with a note saying:
509 is now 609
515 is now 617
516 is now 601
518 is now 600
522 is now 619

As you can imagine, I wrote a rather strong email back saying that they shouldn't have changed my order without at least an email, and all but one of the polishes they sent me I already owned.  They explained that they always swap the polishes, because most people choose a polish based on colour, not its number.  Well I guess us weirdo nail bloggers just aren't like most people. I specifically wanted those numbers!  

Anyway, long story short, they did the right thing by me.  I got to keep one polish to cover the postage of the other ones back to them.  They have now updated their website to accurately list the colours they have in stock, although I still disagree with which polishes they say replaced the others!  

So this is the polish I kept.  As it turns out I haven't seen 619 on any other website for sale yet. So Aussie gals, you can get it from Le Beauty for $13.50.  International ladies, sorry, you just get to look at the pretty picture because they don't ship internationally :(

This polish actually matched the top I was wearing, totally unintentionally. I must have just been in the right kind of mood for this colour.

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