Wednesday, 14 April 2010

MAC Liberty of London...Art on Nails!!!

Since I have been wearing Liberty of London Blue India for 3 days.  Before I change my mani I thought I should try a little art. I'm certainly know artist especially when it comes to drawing.  I can't draw a pretty stick man. Lol!!!  Be easy on me now this is my first try :)  See inside of Blue India's box design...

These are my supplies used for the design

And here she is...look how fast my nails grew in 3 days, look at that big ole gap :)  

Practice makes perfect right? Oh, my dots in the center look much better irl! Hee, Hee (hand over mouth)

I had fun and it didn't take long at all

I hope you enjoyed my little art.  Have a great day and keep polishing (*_*)

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