Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Zoya B1G2 Sale on Giftsets

I just wanted to a quick post to let you guys know of this great Zoya sale.  Through Monday, they are offering B1G2 on selected gift items (click to go to sale).  There's actually a really good selection of items, with some of them even being nail polish gift sets (including a nail polish and a lip gloss).  Faced with a multitude of teacher gifts, I picked up 9 Smart Spa sets with a bottle of Zoya Lauren for $61.  Not including the polish, which I mainly got to get me the free shipping, each gift was $6.  That's far less than other stuff I was looking at and comparable with making cookies or another homemade gift.  Plus, I get to be the "oh you shouldn't have" super-thoughtful mom!  Yay!

Sale ends 11/29/10 an there is no coupon code.  Discount is automatically applied.

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