Monday, 8 November 2010

Blue Monday, Blue Lightning Bolt...Watchout Now!

 By rmcandlelight

Blue Monday  By Annie Lee

Good Morning on this Blue Monday, It's back to wooorrk!  I have been lemming Essie's Starry Starry Night for a very long time.  My hope is still alive.  One day she will be mind.  

Essie Starry Starry Night

But, in the mean time I frankened my very own. Her name is 'Blue Lightning Bolt'

This picture is too bright

I used a blue/silver fine pigment glitter.  Don't remember where I got it from but it is super super gorgeous.  I filled the bottle with some clear polish and dumped in the glitter.  Added about 10 drops of Maybelline's Twinkle Twinkle.  Then I added about 5 drops of SH Nail Prism: Burgundy Orchid which is a purple/burgundy duochrome.  Sure can't tell I added it in there but, when I hold the bottle up to the light I can see just a hint of purple...maybe. 

 It is a jelly too!  After applying the 2nd coat didn't seem too jelly.  Maybe I should add more clear.
I love it so much!  I'm very well pleased *-*

Looks pretty close huh...
I'm looking at this picture and my nails look so long.  Not! My nail tips are just peeking over my nailbeds.  Macro sure can be deceiving sometimes.

See the underside of my nails not long at all

So, How did I do?  Is it close to Starry Starry Night?  You be the judge.  I had lots of fun making Blue Lightning Bolt.  

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