Monday, 15 August 2011

Another update on colour morphing powder orders

This is my dining table at the moment.  Envelopes, addressed and ready to go. Those green stripes, they are Australia Post Customs Declarations, each one completed by hand!!   And this is only about half of them.  I am ready to go, I just need the powder.

Unfortunately, emailing the supplier is a painful process because of time zones, I send them an email, they reply during their business hours which is while I'm sleeping. I wake up and reply straight away at about 7.00am, which is just as they are finishing work for the day. They read that email the next day and reply, which I don't get for 24 hours!   The time zones are killing me!

So what is happening?  Well, I had asked whether my first order (paid for more than two weeks ago) had been shipped yet - cause I knew they had to order more.  The latest email received this morning said:

"I was under the impression you wanted all of them to ship together so no it has not shipped.  I'm sorry I must have misunderstood. Do you still need these and the others you wanted? We have plenty in stock now.  If you don't need them now I will refund the amount you already purchased.  Sorry for all the confusion. "

Needless to say, I confirmed with him straight away that I need all the bottles I have ordered and paid for, and he must be working overtime today cause he just wrote back saying they "will get it out as fast as they can" - HOORAY

So now, I'm begging with you to continue being patient.  I have received a few emails asking where their powder is and why I haven't emailed individuals yet with an update.  I just have too many people to write to individually, it is far quicker for me to update you all here.  

Please don't email me asking if they powder has arrived.  I promise I will post here as soon as it does and I'm not gonna run off with your money. Are we good? OK. It's a deal? Sweet.

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